Airbus ACJ319


The ACJ319 is one of the most popular members of the ACJ family because it represents a perfect combination of space and range. Equipped with extra fuel tanks, the ACJ allows flying 8500km and by consequence, the choice of destinations is numerous.

1903 ACJ1.JPG

Whether you need a very well equipped flying office with areas where you can discuss business, work on your computers, or enjoy lunch in a very agreeable atmosphere – the ACJ is definitely the right choice. In case you would like to relax during a long night flight to a vacation destination, you will appreciate the comfort, the master bedroom with a master lavatory, including a shower.

The ACJ319 is an important business tool affordable to very special businessmen, big corporations or heads of states, and is the perfect way to underline the status and the prestige.

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Aircraft Highlight

VVIP Cabin configuration
Entry into Service in 2012
8,500 km Max Range
870 km/h Max Speed
3.6 m3 Baggage Capacity

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Cabin Highlight

Lounge and Dining Area
Master Bedroom
Master Lavatory with shower
Certified for 19 passengers
Internet , Satellite phone
In-flight Entertainment System

1903 ACJ4.JPG

Cabin Size

Cabin width 3.7m
Cabin height 2.25m
Cabin length 23.78m
Cabin area 83 sqm